October 2021 Artist of the Month

Tanya Solares

October’s Artist of the Month.. 

Juliana Soto


Hi everyone, my name is Juliana Soto and I am a wife, mom, nurse and now also the owner and baker at Sinful Sweets. Alongside my husband and two young girls we all run our small business from home. We operate under the Cottage Law and we serve the entire Las Vegas valley and its surrounding areas with custom cakes, cupcakes and meringue cookies.

  • How did you start your journey?

To be honest, I started Sinful Sweets out of pure necessity for an outlet to the very demanding yet rewarding job of being a full-time mom to two toddlers. I kept finding myself searching for a little hustle on the side that could give me some personal time and goals that had nothing to do with my girls. After searching a lot and with zero experience in the kitchen I had the idea to start selling meringue cookies. Little did I know I was discovering a hidden talent I had no idea I had. Within days we had Sinful Sweets up and running and it has been quite the experience. 

  •  How long have you been baking and decorating for?

I must say before Sinful Sweets I would burn and set off the kitchen fire alarm on a weekly basis, but it has been a year almost to the date since that has happened. We started Sinful Sweets on September 2020 and that was my very first time attempting a meringue cookie. I introduced cupcakes in January 2021 and cakes around April 2021. I have been decorating and baking since then and it has been such an educational journey. I spend my days asking my fellow bakers for help, watching videos, tutorials and trying to learn as much as I possibly can. 

  •  What is your absolute favorite dessert to make?

This is a hard question just because I truly love the 3 main items that we sell. Meringue cookies are a childhood love of mine. Cupcakes bring me a lot of joy when it comes to piping. Finally, cakes are just so fun to decorate and really allow for creativity to flow.

  •  How would you describe your style?

I would say my desserts are elegant, classy and unique. I try to stay away from what everyone else is doing. I am trying to find my style in the middle of learning all the techniques, tips and tricks. It would be nice to get to a point where someone would know a dessert is from Sinful Sweets just by looking at the design and style of it. 

  •  What would you say is your specialty?

Buttercream 100%. We do not do any fondant work therefore we try to stay away from characters and very bright colorful designs. We on the other hand love to work with naked cakes, boho styles, dry blooms, fresh flowers and soft colors.

  •  What is your favorite product to use by us Crafty Cake Shop?

I can’t live without a few. The tall cake boxes for me are a must have. Some people worry about prices of boxes but for us, the look of the entire product matters and that includes the boxes. I also love all the Colour Mill colors that I get to use for all of my buttercream.

  •  Any upcoming events or sales you'd like to share with us?

We do not attend any pop up shops just because our work is 100% custom and luckily our day to day sales do not give us the time to attend such events during the weekends. Having said that, we always have specialty products as pre-sales for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s and so on. 

  •  Best form of contact:

We handle all of our orders and inquiries through Instagram. You can find us on Instagram @ss.sinfulsweets.
Additionally you can email us at or call us at


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