December 2021 Artist of the Month

Tanya Solares

I’m Chezaraye,
During quarantine last year I lost my job. I decided that I wanted to do something different and something to do with baking. I chose macarons because all the articles and videos I saw had claimed they were the toughest bake to figure out, and I love a challenge. I ordered all the equipment and did tons of research before even starting. I’m not even sure how many batches I made in those first few months.
How long have you been making Macrons for?
 I started baking macarons in May of 2020. My favorite macaron to make is the coffee ones. I love the way it makes my house smell! 
Describe your style..
My style is very classic. I only use the French method for all of my macaron baking. 
What is your specialty?
I would say my specialty is the flavor. A lot of friends have said they feel like Violet eating Willy Wonkas gum in the movie. I really want the macarons I make to taste how it’s supposed to. 
What’s your favorite products to use at Crafty Cake Shop?
My favorite products I use by Crafty Cake Shop are the gel colors and sprinkles! There’s an ample amount to choose from! 
When is your next event?
I have two pop up events for December! One on 12/4 close to Aliante and the other on 12/18 close to Tropicana and 515/95. 
How can we stay connected?
You can find me mostly on Instagram @chezarayes.macdrizzles or email me at

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