January 2022 Artist of The Month

Tanya Solares

This month we have the honor of having Adriana Molina-Gallardo as our Artist of The Month.
please take a minute to read her story below in our interview:
Hello ūü§ó¬†
I'm Adriana Molina-Gallardo, also known as Nana. I am 28 years old and my full-time hobby is cake decorating. In 2016, I graduated from California State University of San Marcos with a Bachelor's in Criminology and Sociology. Currently, I bake from home because business is good and most importantly because I have two beautiful girls whom I can't leave their side.
1. When did your baking Journey Start?
My baking journey started January of 2012. My brother, Hugo approached me with a custom cake he came across the internet and said to me, "Look, you should make this Honda Vtec motor for my birthday!" I had baked cupcakes for fun and games but, certainly not a custom cake, so in response I simply giggled. However, a challenge is a challenge and I put much thought and research into it. In 2012, it wasn't easy finding store-bought fondant which is why I looked into multiple recipes. It was the first cake that made me shed a tear, the fondant I had created was rock hard and I ended up frosting the cake with store-bought frosting rather than fondant. Completely unsatisfied, I worked on my fondant recipe for an entire year to recreate the exact cake in 2013. Proud to say, the second time was the charm and decorating with homemade flavorful marshmallow fondant became my favorite. Within that year, my passion and devotion for baking had grown immensely, soon enough I was baking cakes for all of my family and friends. Trial and error has been my best teacher but I wouldn't be the cake designer I am now without the support and trust of every single client since 2012.
2.What is your absolute favorite flavor cake to bake/make?
My absolute favorite flavor to create is Circus Cookie; a moist pink french vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles, filled with vanilla buttercream and crushed circus cookies.
3. How would you describe your style?
My style of cake designing is widely adaptable to my client's preferences. Such as naked cakes, number cakes, munchies cakes, multiple tier cakes and 3D cakes.
4. What would you say is your specialty?
Currently my specialty and most requested  are buttercream cakes with minimal fondant details. 
5. What is your favorite product to use by us Crafty Cake Shop?
Ahhh! It's difficult to have a single favorite item from Crafty Cake Shop! But, my favorite items are cake combs (because you can never have enough), Colour Mills, cookie cutters, silicone molds and cute packaging supplies.
6. Any upcoming events or sales you'd like to share with us?
Excited for Valentine's Day coming up next month! I'll be offering my all time favorite; Chocolate covered strawberry bouquet.
 Best form of contact:
Best form of contact would be texting, direct messaging via Instagram and email. 

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