September 2021 Artist of the Month

Tanya Solares

We are so happy to reintroduce Artist of the month again and what better time than now to start it back up?! We chose the talented Amber Lopez to be our Artist of the month for September 2021. Below is an interview we had with Amber. Be sure to support her when ever you are in need of Vegan/ cruelty free pastries! 


My name is Amber Lopez and I own Frolic & Folly LV. I am a fully plant-based cottage licensed home bakery that offers cruelty free pastries and custom cakes. 

-How did it all start and how long have you been decorating?

I’ve been baking since grade school but professionally it started 21yrs ago. I worked at Freeds Bakery as a teenager  baking pastries and working the front counter. After that I made bagels at a New York style deli then I left food to pursue my main field of work (marketing and design) for many years. Though I continued baking  at home almost daily, I didn’t return to the culinary world professionally until the pandemic hit. I decided to quit my job and pursue my real passion which has always been centered around food. I didn’t actually learn to decorate until a year ago. I was always so terrible at it that I never really tried. Pies and pastries were more my gig and I left cakes to the more capable professionals but here I am learning and growing daily! 

-What is your favorite dessert to make?

I’m obsessed with making potted plant cakes. I’m trying to make it my signature cake but it’s like trying to make “fetch” happen lol. Apart from that I love baking chocolate cheesecake because I love eating chocolate cheesecake lol. 

-How would you describe your style of decorating?

 Clean with an eye for detail. I love making high art and bold statement pieces. 

-What would you say is your specialty?

 Plantbased/Vegan pastries and cakes. Everything I make is 100% cruelty free 💚

-What is your favorite Products to use by Crafty Cake Shop? 

Literally everything I can get my hands on. I think I own 90% of what’s in there at this point lol. 

(She ain’t lying)

-Any upcoming events we should know about?

 I will be doing an awesome high art Halloween treat box special towards the end of October. As far as events I don’t do any pop ups or farmers markets, everything is custom order/online only. 

-How can you be reached?








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