Happy Birthday Bubble Silicone Mold

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Happy Birthday Bubble Silicone Mold
Happy Birthday Bubble Silicone Mold
  • WIDE APPLICATION: great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and you also can use it as a quiche mold, egg tart mold, chocolate mold, pudding mold, jelly mold, ice mold and so on. Perfect holder for sorting small items.
  • EASILY MAKE DELICIOUS CAKE: at home. Better and fresher than the store bought. This baking mold is tailor made for making cake. Bake them, frost them, put sprinkles on them. Quickly make any donut you can imagine, including all your favorites!
  • Easy To Use: Our silicone baking mold will fit perfectly in your oven; Simply place the mold on a cookie sheet, fill and bake following your recipe instructions.
  • NON STICKING: surface and flexible, just pop out with pressed finger
  • FLEXIBLE & EASY: very flexible and easy to de-mold. Simply bend pop right out without breaking or being damaged in any way.