Shanks Lemon Extract

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Shanks Lemon Extract

Add a tart and slightly floral flavor to your cakes, cookies, and pastries using Shank's 8 oz. pure lemon extract! It's also great for making lemon glazes, lemon meringue pies, Chinese stir-frys, and lemon poppyseed-flavored baked goods. Use this pure lemon extract when you want to highlight refreshing lemon flavor in your dishes. It has a pleasingly strong lemon flavor without the acidic taste of lemon zest or lemon juice. Combine it with yellow food coloring to create sunny yellow frostings. Try using a dash of lemon flavor with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies, coffees, sorbets, chocolates, or other confections. This pure lemon extract is gluten free, so it can be used to create mouthwatering gluten free baked goods and other flavorful menu items that all of your guests can enjoy.

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